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Sports Oracle

sportsoracle was set up in 2006 and is run by Professor Ron Maughan, Professor Louise Burke and Dr Susan Shirreffs, world renowned leaders in the field of sports nutrition.

sportsoracle provides educational and consulting services in sport & exercise sciences and sports medicine to various sporting and commercial bodies including the International Olympic Committee.

sportsoracle and its sister company sportsoracletoo are also responsible for the running of the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition and the IOC Diploma in Sports Medicine and IOC Diploma in Sports Physical Therapies.

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Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (PINES)

We are the association that connects Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (PINES) around the world and promotes their interaction. We believe that excellence in sport nutrition is achieved worldwide by linking national sport nutrition organizations and their professionals first.

Second, PINES wants to promote a global sport nutrition movement, engaging individuals and their communities to link with their closest PINES Global Networks, while encouraging them to develop their own platforms. PINES is also here for the Public, especially Athletes and Active Individuals who want to tap into international resources. Most of all, however, PINES strives to educate athletes and active individuals in their respective countries through the Professional PINES Members living and working there!

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Gatorade Sport Science Institute

Fundado en 1985, el Instituto Gatorade de Ciencias del Deporte (GSSI) está comprometido en ayudar a los atletas a optimizar su salud y rendimiento a través de la investigación y educación en la ciencia de la hidratación y nutrición.

Los científicos del GSSI estudian los efectos de la nutrición en el cuerpo humano antes, durante y después del ejercicio. Por más de dos décadas, cientos de atletas amateur, élite y profesionales han participado en las evaluaciones con el GSSI y en estudios de investigación de universidades asociadas alrededor del mundo. El laboratorio principal del GSSI, los laboratorios móviles y satélites y las pruebas en campo permiten al GSSI realizar investigaciones de vanguardia con el objetivo de aportar a los atletas recomendaciones y productos que les ayuden en su rendimiento y a alcanzar sus metas.

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SCAN is the largest dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Members are registered dietitians with nutrition expertise in the areas of sports, physical activity, cardiovascular health, wellness, and the prevention and treatment of disordered eating and eating disorders.

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We are Australia’s peak professional body for dietitians specialising in sports nutrition. Our members help active Australians maximise their exercise goals with credible nutrition.

With a rich history, it’s difficult to mention all of SDA’s highlights and achievements – here’s the best of the best.

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Mysportscience is your destination for objective and evidence based advice across a wide range of sports science topics including endurance sports and sports nutrition. The site keeps you up to date with the latest research and turns the complicated science into easy to understand, practical applications. My ambition is to help you achieve your personal performance goals or support practitioners and teams to raise the bar!

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American College of Sport Medicine

We are the American College of Sports Medicine – 45,000 members and certified professionals strong from 90 countries around the globe. Representing 70 occupations within the sports medicine field, ACSM is the only organization that offers a 360-degree view of the profession.

From academicians to students and from personal trainers to physicians, our association of sports medicine, exercise science, and health and fitness professionals is dedicated to helping people worldwide live longer, healthier lives.

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Olympic Movement

The organisation of the Olympic Games is entrusted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of the country of the host city as well as to the host city itself. The NOC forms, for that purpose, an OCOG which, from the time it is constituted, communicates directly with the IOC, from which it receives instructions.

The OCOG executive body includes: the IOC member or members in the country; the President and Secretary General of the NOC; and at least one member representing, and designated by, the host city. In addition, it generally includes representatives of the public authorities and other leading figures.

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Nutritrain Solutions

Se inicia desde hace 20 años con el propósito de complementar a los atletas, a personas que se inician en la actividad física y personas que quieran perder peso para lograr sus objetivos.

Los objetivos de nutritran se basan en complementar con los entrenamientos de los altletas y personas iniciándose en la actividad física, para mejorar y salvaguardar la salud de los mismos.

Orientar y modificar hábitos de alimentación para mejorar la salud del paciente así como promover la actividad física.

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